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Bonded Abrasives

Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers a unique range of professional bonded abrasives that meet the requirements of any merchandising environment. The range includes vitrified grinding wheels, sharpening stones and mounted points which are all suitable for general maintenance applications.


Vitrified Bench Grinding Wheels
Increasingly today's tools are made from hard, tough and difficult to grind steel. Vitrified bench grinding wheels are manufactured from Aluminium Oxide, which is ideal for grinding all types of steel and tool sharpening. The wheels range in dimension and are available in 2 grits; 36 grit for stock removal and 60 grit for sharpening.

Sharpening Stones
Each sharpening stone is specifically designed for different blade sharpening applications encountered in the home, garden, or workshop. All sharpening stones are manufactured from aluminium oxide. This type of abrasive is effective at grinding all types of steel and it is especially suited to sharpening as it requires minimal grinding pressure.

Mounted Points
Mounted points are made from pink aluminium oxide and are ideal for cleaning tasks on metal, stone, ceramic and plastic. They can also be used for deburring curved workpieces and internal grinding. All mounted points feature 6mm spindles which can be used in most electric drills.

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