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Diamond Blades

The use of Diamond Blades within the merchandising environment is rapidly growing as enthusiasts and professionals become increasingly more knowledgeable and experienced, demanding better finishes and faster results. With an in-depth knowledge of the construction and building industry Saint-Gobain Abrasives provides a range of Diamond Blades to meet any demand. All Saint-Gobain Abrasives Diamond Blades conform to the highest European safety standard, EN13236, which ensures that all products are manufactured and tested to the highest quality. All Saint-Gobain Abrasives products are laser-marked in accordance with the requirements of EN13236. The Saint-Gobain Abrasives product line contains a wide range of diamond blades suitable for many different applications, in sizes ranging from 100mm to 230mm diameter, for use with portable angle grinders and small tile saws.

When choosing a diamond blade it is important to carefully consider the material to be cut as using the blade for its specific purpose prolongs the life and cutting speed.  PRO diamond blades have premium attributes that give more advanced and professional performance levels. With PRO Precision Cutting Diamond Blades there is significantly less chance of any chipping, burrs, or burn. The increased accuracy and thinner blades means they are much easier to use. Also less heat and dust is generated as a lower proportion of the wheel is in direct contact with the workpiece - resulting in a much cleaner, precise cut. If the blade is used frequently then a PRO with laser welded 10mm high segments should be used. To aid product selection the application materials have been classified into four main areas, each with a unique colour coding.

Building Materials - General Purpose
For use on most types of building materials, including building bricks, breeze blocks, paving slabs, concrete curb stones and clay roof tiles. The products have a segmented design where the diamond segments are sintered (baked) on to the steel core.

Concrete and Reinforced Concrete
Concrete and reinforced concrete blades are manufactured by fusing the pre-sintered diamond segments to the metal centre of the blade using a laser. This gives increased strength compared to sintered blades and increases the strength of the bond between the diamond segments and the steel core. This makes the blades ideal for intensive use on hard compact materials that are difficult to cut, such as concrete, reinforced concrete, clay roof tiles, and hard building bricks.

Ceramic and Stone Tiles
These diamond blades have been specifically designed for cutting ceramic and stone tiles. When working with these materials the quality of cut is extremely important and a continuous rim diamond blade is most effective. The continuous rim is designed to achieve a smooth, fine edge.

Roof Tiles, Granite and Hard Materials
Hard materials, such as roof tiles, granite, and marble, are most effectively cut using a Continuous Rim Turbo diamond blade. Its turbo rim makes the product much smoother and easier to use than segmented blades.

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