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Norton masking tape has been designed to meet the high standards of performance, saving time for the user, providing always an excellent result. It conforms easily to contours and to irregular surfaces and is resistant to temperatures up to 100°C (30 minutes).

‘Blue' Decoration adhesive tapes
The ‘blue' decoration adhesive tapes are designed for the demarcation of the most delicate paint work. This tape adheres to and conforms easily to contours and irregular surfaces. It's unique thickness allows for minimum edge build-up and leaves no residue when removed.

Norton offers a wide range of quality masking paper (40g/m2), which is resistant to solvents.

Norton Plastifilm® provides the perfect solution, the ‘total screen' to protect the bodywork of cars from sprays of primer, paint or varnish. Norton Plastifilm® has been specially designed for automotive repair use and complies with current health and safety regulations.

Electrical insulation, polyethylene tape, double-sided polyurethane foam

Wiping is applied at every stage of the sandingpaint process to remove dust particles or residues from the paint surface. The combination of high quality Norton abrasives and wiping products increase the quality of the final painting.

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