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Saint-Gobain will take part in exhibition YugBuild 2012 in Krasnodar
Published: January 25, 2012

Saint-Gobain will take part in exhibitionYugBuild 2012 in Krasnodar. You can get an invitation directly on our web-site.

  Otipping : The new way to retip used core bits
Published: October 28, 2011

The new O'Tip, which consists of a steel-ring pre-mounted with segments which can be quickly brased on core drilling tubes, brings a simple solution, easy to implement even on the jobsite.

Published: November 11, 2008

Semi flexible discs are made of a heavy duty fibre, coated with multiple layers of abrasive grain and bonded with synthetic resin. The discs are for use on angle grinders and the spiral design provides a cooling effect when the product is in use.

Silicon carbide discs are for use on stone and construction materials such as: concrete, marble, granite and fibre glass. They are also very useful for cleaning concrete mold on building applications. Aluminium Oxide is used on stainless steel, welds, cleaning rusted surfaces.

Semi flexible discs are sometimes used as an alternative to fibre discs and flap discs (on very intensive applications with very coarse grit) and grinding discs (lower weight than a large diameter grinding wheel as well as being more comfortable for user).
Discs must be used with a standard fibre disc backing pad. Use the same support diameter than disc diameter.

Grinding applications: grit 16, 24 and 36
Sanding applications: grit 60, 80, 100 and 120
Available diameter: 115, 127 and 180mm.

Two grades are available in the range:
  • Best: CPS (silicon carbide) /CPA (aluminium oxide) Norton branded
  • Better: CP Flex (silicon carbide) Norton branded and Fibreflex Flexovit branded

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