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NORTON Clipper Machines

For decades, Clipper machines have been known to be the reference in industry and construction business, contributing to position Norton as the leader of diamond technology. Excellence is our motto and our engineers are professionals eager to design highly perfoming, robust and safe equipment. As a specialist in professional machines design, we clearly focus on functionality which is a must in the construction environment.

That's why Clipper machines are:

Х Easy to use: our own operators run tests which are a major step in our machines ergonomics optimization process
Х Easy to maintain: assembled with robust components and providing good accessibility for main parts replacement.

We developed many improvements thanks to a strong partnership with our distributors, suppliers and customers. Our Customer Service is located together with our design office, so customer is close to designers.

This approach led to provide a complete range of high quality and reliable products at lowest cost including:

  • Wall chaser: easy and safe use
  • Tile saws: compact, easy transport
  • Masonry saws: high performance level and easy transport
  • Floor saws: wet and dry cutting of concrete and asphalt
  • Wall saws: high cutting accuracy
  • Core bits & drill rigs: wide range of products
  • Power floats: achieve perfect surface aspect
  • Grinding machines: top quality on various types of floors finishing

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