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Superabrasives are grinding and cutting wheels, tools, compounds, slurries, belts and discs that incorporate diamond or CBN abrasives. Made of resin, metal, plated or vitrified bonds. Our superabrasives are used in precision grinding, applications including edging automotive, architectural or crystal glass, and ceramic components; shaping engine and transmission components, such as cam and crankshaft; slicing silicon wafers or sharpening circular saws and other woodworking tools.

Saint-Gobain Superabrasives also provides a range of dressing tools and devices to sharpen and shape superabrasive and conventional bonded abrasive wheels. Dressing tools, either stock or made-to-order, are produced using synthetic to "near-gem-quality" diamonds.

Our rotary dressing tools, spindles and infeed devices are used in high-volume precision-production grinding applications, often to the micron level (0.001mm). This level of precision engineering requires climate-controlled manufacturing facilities and sophisticated measuring equipment. Our dressing devices are used to true, dress and form all types of grinding wheels.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives produces a range of superabrasives including:

  • Diamond & CBN grinding wheels
  • Electroplated pins
  • Diamond dresser
  • Diamond lapping compounds
  • Files

Products categories:

  •  Cut-off and grinding wheels

  •  Coated abrasives

  •  Non-woven materials Beartex

  •  Bonded abrasives

  •  Superabrasives

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