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Cut-off and Grinding Wheels

Saint-Gobain Abrasives offers an extensive range of professional high performance wheels suitable for cutting and grinding a wide variety of materials, including steel, stainless steel and stone - with a full range of sizes for angle grinders, petrol saws, chop saws and fixed machines up to and including 400mm diameter.

Cutting and Grinding Wheels come in a range of sizes from 100mm to 230mm for use on portable angle grinders, and 300mm to 400mm for use on petrol saws, chop saws and stationary machines. They are available in 3 different types, 27, 41, and 42. All Type 27 wheels should be used for grinding whilst all type 41 and 42 wheels should be used for cutting.

Cutting and grinding wheels can be used on a wide range of materials - each material is easily identified and differentiated by the colour of the wheel.

They are:
  • Inox - red
  • Multi-Purpose - grey
  • Steel -blue
  • Stone - green
  • Aluminum - yellow

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